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Safety is our first priority.

Safety is Heave Away’s first Core Value. We are committed to developing a caring, preventive safety culture across our organization.
By promoting a comprehensive HSE program, we encourage and foster a proactive safety culture throughout the organization
Heave Away maintains a valid COR certification by meeting and exceeding regulation internal and external audit requirements.

Certificate of Recognition™ Certified

The NLCSA’s Certificate of Recognition™ (COR™) Program is a health and safety certification program for employers in the construction and related industries. The program is designed to assist companies in the development and maintenance of a company-wide health and safety management program. Firms receive accreditation upon completion of COR™ training, development and implementation of a company-wide safety program, a comprehensive hazard assessment, and internal and external safety reviews.

Specifically, the COR™ Program helps construction companies understand OH&S legislation, and employer and worker rights and responsibilities. Understanding these rights and obligations can also help firms avoid liability and ensure due diligence. Through participation in the COR™ program, employers and employees in the construction and related industries come to recognize that injury prevention must be an integral part of their business conduct and daily working routine.